Telephony Service

Business & Mobile Telephony Service

  • Pre Paid Billing
  • Unlimited Talk Time Available
  • Free Calling between subscribers
  • Local & International Calling Rates
  • Number Porting
  • Toll Free Numbers Available
Monthly Pre-Paid Special

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Instant Messenger & E-Mail

  • Unlimited Instant Messaging
  • Unlimited E-Mail
  • International Access
  • Message Privacy
  • Identitify Verification
  • Custom built mobile apps
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Private Telephony

Private Telephony Service

  • Unlimited International Calling*
  • End to End Voice
  • International Access
  • Custom Built Private Network
  • Works over HSPA, 3G, 4G & WiFi
  • Device to Device Connection! No Middle Man!
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Enterprise Hardware

All Cisco & HP gigabit networking and only Dell & Sun Enterprise hardware and servers are what we use to assure each and every customer that no matter how small their online project it is well protected by a robust collective of only the best hardware.

Usage Statistics

Uptime is everything to us, because our customers have no reason to contact us for support as long as our servers are always online. We built our own high availability cloud hosting platform using industry leading virtualization and enterprise hardware to maximize uptime and performance. We have delivered an average uptime of 99.99% since we launched our hosting services.

Control Panel

Our Voice Control Panel allows administrators to manage DIDs, Extensions and Users through a web-based interface. Each customer can make use of our custom built technology to maximize the benefits of our excellent hardware.

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